Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall is in the air

Yes, it is definitely fall in the NE and Midwest! The trees are amazing! This is quite the experience for a girl born in the flat plains of the Texas Panhandle where fall meant cottonpicking and ginning, new school clothes and early morning band practices. We left NY on Oct. 16 and headed to PA where we were met by snow and cold wind. Let's just say we were not too pleased to be driving on a long trip in such weather.

Our first evening out we stopped at the KOA in Erie, PA and preceded to set up for the night. As I was rolling out the slides I noticed a weird sound coming from the kitchen side slide and stopped the roll out. We had not done our usual checklist when we closed up that morning and had left the rug on the kitchen floor where it promptly gathered up under the slide and got stuck. UGH!! As we worked feverishly to undo the rug, it became very obvious that only a miracle would get it done without totally wrecking the wall the fridge was mounted in. I was just about at the end of all my patience so I sat numbly on the sofa while Curtis worked and tried different ideas for freeing it. As I sat there I began to pray for the Lord to make a miracle for us and allow us to get through the ordeal with as little damage to the coach as possible. After about 2 hours of me praying and Curtis working he decided he needed to cut as much of the rug away as possible. So he cut through the heavy braided rug with 2 pairs of scissors and his Swiss army knife. As he pulled away one section the rug began to unravel. PTL!! Our miracle was a reality as Curtis was able to very carefully unravel the remain rug under the slide. The only thing done was the facia pulled out but didn't break. As we were already going to the DVR factory to have some things done to the RV, we were able to get it fixed and miracle of miracles we were not charged!!

We have spent the last week here in Indiana's Amish country having adjustments and additions made as well as a few repairs done to the RV and truck. All this should make the towing and riding much easier and the new leveling system is amazing. So much easier to set up and take down now. Today we are having the truck suspension maxxed with airbags.

Our time here has been good even though costly. The pace here is much more laid back and it is quite something to share all the roads with horses and buggies and bikes. The foods are amazing, too. Lots of yummy baked goods and noodles with butter or gravies. I call it all the ultimate in comfort foods. I had a piece of coconut cream pie that rivaled my Mamaw's Wednesday night at an Amish restaurant. They used real whipping cream rather than meringue just like she did. MMMMM!!!! The farms are small but very productive it would appear. Lots of dairy and beef farms as well as corn, grain, pumpkins and squash acreage. The countryside is filled with red barn, white farmhouses and silos amidst the foliage of fall. It is breathtaking.

My patience has been stretched to almost the breaking point with all the tweaking being done to our rig but I am trying to keep my cool and letting God control it all rather than trying to do so myself. Seems like for a while I was losing that battle, but I am feeling more at ease now.
May He continue to give me grace and patience!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, McKenzie

Today is McKenzie Ann Chance's 5th birthday! She is a very sweet little girl who loves all things pink and fancies herself as all grown up. Due to Awana meetings on Wednesday night at church where she is a Spark and Connor is a TNT, we celebrated her birthday last night. Her menu of choice for dinner was most sophisticated especially for a five year old. Shrimp scampi over rice with asparagus and Italian bread. No cake for her either! She wanted cupcakes so her mom, Acacia out did her self with a "butterfly cake" shaped out of cupcakes complete with candle antennae and colorful frosting on the wings and body of the butterfly. Laughter rang out all evening long as the birthday girl giggled and squealed with delight at all her gifts. Each one was welcomed with "oh my gosh, this is just what I wanted". As soon as one was open she grabbed another and torn into it. McKenzie's menu choice was delicious and enjoyed by us all. She was the last one to finish but I really think it was due to the excitement and anticipation of opening her gifts. Chris and Acacia have done a wonderful job as parents with she and her brothers and we are very proud of all of them. A party with friends at a local bowling alley for bumper bowling and refreshments is planned on Saturday for her. Alas, Mamaw and Papaw will not be here for that as we need to begin heading in a southerly direction to avoid the coming winter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MCKENZIE ANN. We love you lots!!!

Procrastination personified

Yes, it is procrastination personified! ME!!! I don't know why I put off doing things like I do. I somehow manage to wait long enough that the task at hand seems totally impossible or overwhelming! But alas, here I am trying to capture two months in a few words.

August was quite the month! It saw the acceptance of a new position for Chris, our son, requiring him to do some international travel and the birth of our third grandchild, a boy. Gavin Spencer Chance came into the world on Saturday, August 29th about 1:30 pm. He weighed in at 12 lbs, 6 oz. and was 22 1/2 inches in length! After a pretty uneventful birth he had some issues with his breathing and after about 4 hours was rushed back to the nursery and put on oxygen and antibiotics. Seems he had not expelled the fluid from his lung in the birth canal as he should have. It was very frightening for all of us but after about 36 hours with tubes everywhere he was able to rejoin his mom in her room and came home with her late Monday afternoon. Boy, were we all glad to get him home. A bit of a background on his name -- my dad's first name is Garvin so Acacia and Chris decided that Gavin was a good likeness of it. His middle name Spencer is after my mom's maiden name. All the children have family related names now. Connor William is a fifth generation C. William Chance, McKenzie Ann has the same middle name as me and Acacia's mom and now Gavin Spencer. Acacia's dad is George so the "G" is symbolic for him, too.

Needless to say we have loved being here for Gavin's birth and watching him develop for his first 6 weeks. Later on I will write about those weeks in more detail.
I will close off for now. Just too much to write about in one posting!!! Procrastination is NEVER good!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not just another day

August 4th is not just another day in my family. It is one that is both mourned and celebrated by my side (Kim's) of the family each year. On August 4, 1971 my parents received in the very wee hours of the morning the knock on the door no parents ever wants to receive. That was the day our middle sister, Jojane, was tragically killed in a one car auto accident. She was just two weeks past her 21st birthday and was fatally injured along with two of her friends. So much of the weeks that followed are a blur yet so much is vividly recalled. Jojane was a tall slender young woman with a huge zest for life. Our son, Chris, was only 18 months old when the accident occurred but was the recipient of her love and devotion like no one else. She gave him his first bath and helped care for him when we moved to Houston when he was 5 weeks old. They would have been best buddies for life, I'm sure. Both my younger sister, Kelli and I, have mourned over the fact that she never knew our other children either.
On the other side of the equation, August 4, 1989 was a day full of excitement and joy as Kelli's youngest daughter, Natalie Renee Dailey entered the world. She has been both a delight and puzzle (as are all children) to our family for 20 years now. We celebrate with her in spirit today as we are not in Texas at this time. In some respects she and her Aunt Jojane are kindred spirits as both of them had/have fierce independent streaks and know who and what they are/were.
So to these two Texas lasses, I say I love you and miss you, Janie, but will see you in due time and Happy 20th Birthday, Miss Natalie, I love you lots.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks, Food, Friends and Family

This Fourth of July was full of lots of things.  Fireworks lit the sky here in the Finger Lakes area of NY even though lightning filled it earlier in the evenings of the 3rd and 4th.  The KOA was filled to capacity with mostly happy campers and their kids and pets.  Even Zeke met a twin dachshund who camped across the street from us during the weekend.  He was a 5 month old that looked exactly like Zeke with the exception of Toby having a white star on his chest.  His brown markings matched Zeke's and their sizes were the same.
On Friday evening Chris and his family joined me at the AOK KOA Kafe for dinner with Curtis (Papaw) cooking.  Curtis had a very busy weekend cooking breakfasts, dinners and serving ice cream.  Acacia made a delicious fresh strawberry pie for us to enjoy for dessert.  Earlier in the day she and I took Connor and McKenzie to see "Night at the Museum-Battle in the Smithsonian".  It was very enjoyable and a nice way to keep little ones happy on a day that was too cool to go swimming.
We have made some good friends here in NY at the campground and it was fun to see them this past weekend enjoying each other and their families.   Lots of laughter and fun was had by all.
Alas, a sad note was added when we learned that our former pastor in San Francisco had passed away after complications from an infection took him.  He had both legs amputated due to the infection and it continued to attack his heart and body.  Thankfully, he was delivered into the Savior's arms and is now "dancing" in heaven with all the other saints who have gone before.  His passing left a large hole in the church in San Francisco and especially his family and friends. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catching up, not so easy

That's right, catching up on a blog is not easy to do when you have not done it in a while.  Oh, well, procrastination just may be my middle name!  
We are having a great time here in NY state working at the KOA again and spending time with Chris and his family.  The grandchildren are growing like weeds and the new baby that Acacia is carrying seems to be growing and making his presence known more each day.  We have all decided that Sunday afternoons and Sunday dinners are our family time.  Chris does some awesome things on the grill - this past Sunday he grilled rib eyes and corn on the cob.  It is always so great to spend time together so baloney sandwiches would be fine, too.  LOL!!
Acacia, Curtis, Connor, McKenzie, and I attended the opening night here in Rochester of "Walk With Dinosaurs" at the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Arena.  Even though I firmly disagree with the evolution theory it was espousing, the mechanics and portrayals of the dinos was amazing.  They are done in life size proportions with the dino bones that have been found in digs.  They are very life like and are incredible to watch.  The children were enthralled with them as were we.  McKenzie was not a willing member of the audience until she realized that they were merely "costumes" moving via parade type cars with drivers.  Chris missed it as he was on a trip for work.
This past weekend we celebrated Curtis' 62nd birthday amid working our usual schedules.  His birthday was Saturday so I had birthday cake and ice cream for him and we were joined by about 18 of the staff and seasonal campers.  One of the couples who live in the campground full time have a nice patio with flowers, tiki torches and a fire ring.  They graciously let us use their area to have the gathering... it was very nice and we all celebrated with him.  And to think that a mere 13 years ago he was battling cancer!!  I am so thankful that the Lord healed him and we are able to live out his dream of full time rving.
So far we have not had much heat here.  It seems to really be staying cool this year, though I realize it is only June.  But it is nice and very enjoyable, however, the mosquitoes are out again in force and they always manage to find me!!!  Grrrr!!!  Hateful little things!!!
Shelby, one of our co-workers, is having cataract surgery next week so our schedule will be changing for a few days.  He is really in need of it but should be back on top of things in a few days.  This is the second summer we have worked with Shelby and his wife, Ruth.  They are very delightful Southern folk from Louisiana and lots of fun to work and visit with.
I will try to stay more current, but I don't make promises I can't keep!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Looms Ahead

Can't believe we have been in NY for almost a month!  The weather is nothing like last year so far.  We have had rain, wind and cold since we got here with the exception of a couple of warm humid days.  The wind creates too much risk for our awning so we have hardly had it out at all.  The up side of all of it is that the area is greening anyway.  The flowers are lovely and the trees are filling out nicely.  
Tomorrow is a day off for us so we are going to take a ride somewhere in the area to see some of the places we missed last year.  It is such a beautiful area with the rolling hills and little farms tucked into the valleys.  Lots of fruit and vegetable stands to stop at and buy fresh off the vine or stalk or limb!  
Our work schedule is finally coming together for the rest of the summer.  Ruth and Shelby and Curtis and I worked together last summer here for Victor and Kathy, but Pat and Ron are new to the staff.  Everyone seems to get along great and yesterday we had a potluck for all the staff as well as the seasonals (they are folks who live in the campground for several months at a time).  It was very nice and we had lots of great food.  I only wished that my cold had been completely gone so I could have enjoyed it more.
My schedule for this week only has two days of work!!!  I am going to go with Acacia, my daughter in law, to a Women of Faith conference here in Rochester on Friday and Saturday.  I am really looking forward to going with her.  The conference is one that I have wanted to attend but always just missed it for one reason or another.  There will be some awesome speakers and musicians sharing their love for the Lord and His people.  
Our spunky little Zeke is still a character!  He thinks it is so much fun to jump up on to the table or the bed or sofa to steal something and run with it.  NOTHING is off limits as far as he is concerned, including receipts, articles of clothing, shoes and even my cell phone!!  Tonight he snatched my phone as it fell onto the floor and ran as hard and fast as he could with it into the bedroom and back out.  I wish I had had the forethought to call my phone with Curtis' just to see what he would do.  He is very sensitive to sounds so maybe he might have second thoughts if my ringer had scared him.  Maybe next time!!!